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Vishwajit The Great

Mission & Vision

“To nurture a manpower of committed mentors through enriched informal education, value added training, mentoring for self development which will play a pivotal role in shaping India’s destiny."

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Vishwajit has over a decade of professional experience in various areas including: software design, development and testing, business and system analysis, project and team management, product management and business process optimization.He still has most fun when creating software. His adventure with .NET started in 2003 and it was love from the first sight. Since then .NET and Visual Studio are his preferred tools of choice, but he stays open-minded for alternatives. Vishwajit currently works as a Systems Manager at Pune.


An avid reader , traveler , techie, Love to explore new things , creating new brands, market strategist.


Software Consultant


Quexst Solutions Pvt Ltd, Anomaly Solutions Pvt Ltd,Teknotika Solutions,Capsilon India.


PGDAC from CDAC - ACTS, Pune